About Us

G&J is the creative expression of Javier Selman. Javier – The J in G&J – has lived her young life through the fashion lens. While only still in her twenties J has brought about a creative vision beyond her years, built on the principles of luxurious glamour, while recognizing the realities of today’s girl around town.
J believes that fashion is therapeutic: a way to truly represent who you are, and even who you want to be. She has always dressed to impress, but also knows that practicality and versatility is key in making a girl look great, within her means.
Colour is key. J believes that in a nation of muted tones, where the little black dress and the purest whites still reign, women need to take a boldness to their wardrobe: To dazzle in blue, sizzle in flaming orange, and bring the pizzazz in passionate reds.
G&J is also a company that believes in doing good. In a disposal world of ‘wear-once’ fashions, J believes that ethical manufacturing is critical. This results not only in beautiful dresses that capture the ‘here and now’ but pieces that will also wear wonderfully into the future - so every G&J today is a G&J Classic in the making.


Join J and enjoy G&J.